Photo credit Amy Horn - Photographing Gardens

Photographing Gardens

By Amy Horn The Shore Acres State Park Garden is full of photographic opportunities and during my summer trip, I spent a few hours looking for macro and close-up subjects. It was a cloudy day, so I le...
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By Vicki Uthe Something became clear to me recently. I realized the difference between macro and close-up photography and concluded that I’m really more of a close-up photographer than a macro perso...
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Bugs are Beautiful

Author:  Bruce Taubert For whatever reason I have become obsessed with taking macro and micro photographs of bugs.  Beetles, files, wasps, bees, stink bugs, moths, butterflies, and whatever other bu...
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Photographing with Extension Tubes

Author: David Halgrimson Here is a little info on using extension tubes to get that super close shot. An extension tube is used on a lens to allow for getting closer to a subject. It is mounted betwee...
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Using Live View for Composition

Author: Amy Novotny Live View is a great tool featured on many new digital cameras and serves many purposes. It can help with focus, with shooting scenes in which the camera is higher or lower than th...
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Natures Abstracts

Author: Jeff Cox I like to try different things in photography. I’ve found some interesting macro- photography at the Tucson Gem and mineral show. For the last several years I’ve gone and ...
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