Capture Your Moment

Phone Camera Fun

By Sara Goodnick Turn Your Mobile Phone into a Fun Versatile Camera I just received my new Ztylus Revolver 6-Way lens accessory for my mobile phone and it is so much fun to use! My phone is an iPhone ...
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Embrace the rain!

Bad weather can create great images.  By Michael DeYoung When making images I try to make three elements come together.  These are:  1)  great subject (landscape, animal, human, etc.), 2)  great ...
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Put yourself in the picture

By Jim Steinberg March is here and it is the time of year it when our thoughts turn to green grass, wildflowers, and spending time in the high country. And for the first time in many years, I am reall...
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An Arizona Luthier

By Jeff Insel I met Jason Kostal a couple years ago at a concert at the MIM Music Theater. He’s a local Luthier – and a really good one. I finally got to see his shop and learn a bit about how...
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Top Five of 2018

By Amy Horn If you are looking for a great exercise, look back at last years photos and pick your top five or ten, but no more. This exercise is a challenge in removing any emotional attachment you mi...
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Photo credit Rick Jacobi

Long Exposures of 8 Minutes

By Rick Jacobi If you have water and or sky with clouds in a photo and want them to look really smooth, then you have to do a long exposure.  Eight minutes works really well for this type of photo. I...
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