Capture Your Moment: Figuring Out Flash

Amy Horn will be presenting two learning sessions at Arizona Highways Photo Workshops’ 30th Anniversary Symposium.  Here’s more about  “Figuring out Flash” by Amy Horn.

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I know we all treasure the warm light in the golden hour of the day, but there are many occasions that I can’t find that light in a previously scheduled portrait shoot. So, I use flash. And not just for portraits, I use flash in macro, food and nature photography. Flash certainly won’t help me light the Grand Canyon, but if it is a smaller subject, flash is my best friend. With a flash unit for my camera, I can control the quantity, quality, color, and direction of light.

In a recent senior photo shoot, a cloud rolled in just as the photo shoot began. I was stuck with heavily shadowed canyon light. Luckily, I had my flash unit and wireless triggers. In a short minute or two, I was setup with artificial light and captured my shot. In comparing the “with and without” flash images, I like how the artificial light filled in the shadows on his face and the contrast to the background draws my eye to him. During my breakout session on Flash, I will demonstrate five tips on how a small burst of flash can turn a snapshot into a work of art.

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Look for a future post about Amy’s second learning session, “iPad Workflow for Photographers” and for more information on the individual sessions visit our “Capture Your Moment” page.