Autumn in Acadia – Don’t let the rain keep you from heading out !!

author: Ken Brown

Our Arizona Highways Photo Workshop, Autumn in Acadia, kicked off this past week with 15 excited participants from both Arizona and around the country.  Autumn here in Maine is in full swing, but despite all our planning, one thing we can’t control is the weather.  One day there was a steady, mostly soft but regular rain, but it didn’t slow us down one bit.  What we were able to capture is a great reminder to never let the weather get you down or keep you inside !  Get out, enjoy the day you have, and capture something amazing.  We saw some stunning colors and had a magical experience on Little Long Pond.  The rain helped to bring out the color, and the raindrops brought a certain abstract pattern to the water.
Facing more difficult shooting conditions is also a great time to try the unconventional, or as our Pro Photographer, Colleen Miniuk-Sperry, would say “Break The Rules”.  Sieur De Monts, our second shooting location of the day (we had three) is a very special place, with a mix of old, original growth Acadia Forest, new trees, and an incredible diversity of vegetation, shown to us today seemingly as a Rain Forest.  A broad mix of colors, so many different greens, light, dark patterns, and everything in between.  If you do an image search on this location, you will see a lot of photos of the walkway shown in this photo – really pretty with surrounding tall trees and covered with a tapestry of Autumn leaves.  A perfect Fall scene.  However, you might not see something like what’s shown here.  A very abstract, soft, almost watercolor-like view of the walkway and surrounding forest.  This was shot handheld (not tripod) with a 2 second exposure. Once again, inspired by the day and location.
Don’t let anything, especially not the weather, ever stop you from going out to shoot.  You never know what you can create.
Ken Brown is a trip leader with Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.