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Top Five of 2018

By Amy Horn If you are looking for a great exercise, look back at last years photos and pick your top five or ten, but no more. This exercise is a challenge in removing any emotional attachment you mi...
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Photo credit Rick Jacobi

Long Exposures of 8 Minutes

By Rick Jacobi If you have water and or sky with clouds in a photo and want them to look really smooth, then you have to do a long exposure.  Eight minutes works really well for this type of photo. I...
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Photo credit Amy Horn - Photographing Gardens

Photographing Gardens

By Amy Horn The Shore Acres State Park Garden is full of photographic opportunities and during my summer trip, I spent a few hours looking for macro and close-up subjects. It was a cloudy day, so I le...
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Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch

By Megan P Galope If you’ve ever driven the stretch of I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson, you’ve undoubtedly passed the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch. Most people don’t stop to see what it’s all...
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Roller Derby

By Jeff Insel I was invited by a friend and colleague to attend her first roller derby match. It was a fun experience as I knew very little about the sport. Her match followed a Junior’s match. Turn...
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Keeping an Open Mind

We have moved our Arizona Highways PhotoScapes Blog to a new location, please check us out at, http://ahps.org/blog-page. Our current blog, Keeping an Open Mind, can be seen at, http://aphs.org/keepin...
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