Always be ready and carry two camera bodies

Author Rick Jacobi


There are a lot of times when I go shooting that I will carry  two cameras.   Typically one is with a wide angle lens and the other a telephoto.  Last fall I was fortunate to go to Western Mongolia  for the “Golden Eagle Festival”.   Each year this festival brings together nomadic Kazakhs  and their Golden Eagles for two days of competition.


In setting up my photographic plan I knew  I could not get all the photos I wanted with just one camera body and one lens.   So I decide to carry my Sony A7Rll with a 70-300mm lens for telephoto shots and a second camera with a smaller fixed 28mm lens for close-ups.l1030635-edit-edit-edit-edit

If your second camera body and lens is smaller than your first, there is no strain on your body.   So going into this shoot the  only thing I was  missing was a  focal length between 28-70 mm.  I knew that this wouldn’t be a  not problem as I could plan my shots accordingly.   I would simply need to get closer to my subject with my 28 mm._dsc9395-edit-edit

If  I had only brought one camera I certainly would not have gotten all the shots that I wanted. Next time you go out to photograph an event or do street photography think about carrying a second camera on the other shoulder.

Rick Jacobi is a trip leader for Arizona Highways Photo Workshops.