Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Mobile for iOS


With the introduction of larger, more powerful iPads, Adobe are now considering the iPad as a serious photographers workflow tool. The July 2017 update to the mobile version of Lightroom, is a huge step forward toward providing a a powerful alternative to Lightroom on the desktop/laptop. This new release introduces a similar interface and set of tools between and Mobile and Desktop versions, though you will need to be a CC subscriber to unlock all the available functionality. There are still some capabilities within the desktop version of Lightroom that are not available in the Mobile. That said I will use Mobile for library management and basic edits - all of which can be done on the go given the iPad's mobility features.
Easy to use
Familiar Interface
$9.99 / Month


  • Similar interface as that of the desktop version of Lightroom, using sliders for traditional.
  • As a Lightroom desktop user, Lightroom Mobile is a great tool for managing your photo catalog, allowing the ability to flag, rate, and apply most edits across a selection of images.
  • Added local selection tools, providing the ability to apply local/selective edits using radial or linear tools.
  • Ability to apply lens profile corrections.
  • Raw preview support, provides ability to apply raw specific edits, such as white balance.


  • Synchronizing mobile collections, while improved, remains slow.
  • While synchronizing between desktop and mobile has greatly improved, the ability to synchronize catalogs between desktop, laptop, and mobile is still not fully available.
  • To utilize all features and functionality of the iOS Mobile app, you will need a Creative Cloud Photographers subscription. Stand alone use Lightroom Mobile has limited support for raw images, and functionality.
  • No ability to apply keywords to images.