A Walk in Sabino Canyon

Author: David Huffman

© David Huffman

Sabino Canyon, located immediately North East of Tucson, is a national park worthy of a trek for any nature-lover or photographer.   Many locals go there for a weekly walk.  There are multiple trails to explore, and the main road is about 4 miles and fully paved.  They don’t allow private vehicles any longer, but there is a tram that stops at 9 different points if you wish to get on and off.  The road can easily be walked in about 2 to 3 hours up and back, or just take the tram up (hill) and walk down as I did.  During the spring and early summer the river will flow and provide some good reflections but the later summer may not have any water at all.

I got a late start, one Friday afternoon, getting to the trail about 4 PM.  It was rather warm, about 96° that afternoon, which just goes to show that living in Arizona for 10 years changes your perspective on temperatures. Because I knew it was warm, I decided today I leave most of my photographic gear in the car, and took just one camera and one lens.  I chose a Nikon D810 and the all-in-one Nikon 28-300mm VR lens.  Some websites criticize this lens for sharpness, I don’t have any issues with it.  Using one long-range zoom lens, also means that I’m not changing lenses in the field and possibly getting dust on my sensor.  From experience, I found that I can shoot this lens critically sharp down to one 1/125th of a second, using VR, and my favorite aperture is F/8.  I also like to use a polarizing filter to enhance nature’s colors and darken the blue sky.

The first photo was taken using these settings, and the image was improved using DXO optics V. 10.  I added clarity, adjusted contrast and saturation slightly.

© David Huffman

The second image is an HDR image, a combination of 3 images with a range from -2 to +2 stops, then combined using Photomatix Essentials, a simple software program for blending images.  I chose not to exaggerate the image, but rather wanted to increase the contrast range to accommodate good detail in the sunlit mountain top and the shadows of the foreground.

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Happy Shooting!